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  • The Ultimate Act of Selflessness

    25 March 2015

    NO MATTER HOW PREPARED YOU THINK YOU ARE for anything in life, there is always an element of unpredictability. Now that my birthday celebrations of Sunday are passed...reflecting this morning, I felt compelled to share my experience in the international...

  • My love affair with Kale!

    02 May 2011

    I have a love affair with Kale. I call Kale, the "Super Rock Star" of vegetables!! I give Kale such importance...such a reverence that I spell it with a capital K!! Eating Kale is like taking all your vitamins and minerals in one cup!! How convenient,...

  • Edmundo's Remarkable Transformation

    23 December 2011

    "There's a difference between interest and commitment. When you're interested in doing something, you do it only when circumstance permit. When you're committed to something, you accept no excuses, only results.” Unknown My clients...the people I coach,...

  • Justice and Marcelo's Remarkable Results!

    30 December 2011

    When it comes to losing weight, it's really about lifestyle change…it starts in the mind! It doesn’t matter how much or how little you have to lose, the efforts and the commitment are the same. When Justice and Marcelo joined the Moduvated boot camp program...

  • Super Food...Super Charge...Super You!

    30 December 2011

    To be the very best, healthiest you, it’s all about prevention! With that goal in mind, we can fully embrace the idea of super charging our meals and drinks with ingredients that will help super charge our health and wellbeing. One of my favorite ingredients...

  • The Turkey We Stuff...The Food We Savour!

    30 December 2011

    That’s what comes to mind every time I hear comments like: “I’m not going to eat all day to leave enough room for all the great food we’ll have for dinner tonight.” Not eating all day, starving, we end up eating excessively (anybody would) only to end...

  • Super charge your Complexion with Papaya!

    16 February 2012

    I have always loved the idea of feeding my skin from the inside out, to keep it young and healthy. But what gets me real excited is when I can double the nutritional effect, by applying a healthy dose from the “outside in”. So I often give a “snack” to...

  • AVOCADO…My Butter of Choice!

    23 February 2012

    ! Over the years, my fascination with nutrient dense foods has motivated me to find healthier substitutes for the various condiments we use. Avocado is by far the best choice as a substitute for butter or mayo. Also known as alligator pear, the avocado...

  • Coconut Oil Pulling for Mouth and Body Health!

    05 March 2012

    Not too long ago, a couple of my savvy clients shared their morning “mouth washing” ritual with me. They would take in a spoon full of organic unrefined coconut oil and would swish it around in their mouth for about 10 minutes, then spit it out. They...

  • Reviving Wilted Greens and Herbs in a Flash!

    08 March 2012

    A while back, I was watching a chef, on a cooking show, demonstrate how the wilted Romaine he had in his fridge could be brought back to its crisp and vibrant form. He plumped the lettuce right up just by immersing it in a big bowl of cold water with...

  • 3 Powerful Health Secrets of Lemons

    28 May 2012

    The powerful health benefits of vitamin C are well known and have been for many years now. Today we use the vitamin C in lemons and other citrus fruits to help fight off infection and boost immune system health. In Ancient Egypt, people believed that...

  • Massive Action - Massive Results!

    10 September 2012

    As a coach, I’m blessed with great clients. Many of them have lost a great deal of body fat and vastly improved their life. One person in particular however, is truly notable because he is not only sincerely committed to improving his life, but he devotes...

  • Single or Lonely at Christmas? Then this is for you!

    23 December 2012

    On a Sunday afternoon, about three weeks ago, I was watching a movie when I was suddenly overcome by a strange feeling, one that I hadn’t had for a very long time. Call it “the blues”, call it ‘’the dumps’’ or any other depressing name, once it starts...

  • Steps to Achieve-Alberto Shares His Journey

    06 May 2013

    Blog by www.Moduvated.com Exercise and a healthy diet is a lifestyle; it’s a way of being, not just something you magically arrive at one day. Nothing feels as good as the empowerment that comes with the decision to ‘change’, no matter what that happens...

  • Consideration Agreement For Couples

    21 May 2013

    By Wendy Rains So your boyfriend went to great lengths to try to come up with the most clever, romantic marriage proposal anyone could ever imagine. So all your girlfriends and relatives were enlisted to be part of this event and went gaga over what a...

  • Welcome to Isabelle's blog

    20 June 2009

    ANOTHER SHOT OF FEAR! I was wondering what topic I would choose for my very first blog… I have so much to talk about… not that I wanted to bring up the swine flue issue – or media-influenza for lack of a better word! Like the world needed another “Shot...

  • When it comes to eating out, you're in charge!

    17 August 2009

    Interesting how powerless we think we are when it comes to eating out. Fear and cold sweat suddenly take over us as we imagine this “food monster” tying us down on the chair at some Italian eatery and forcing an excessive amount of food down our throat...

  • A Different Type of Count Down

    21 December 2009

    There is New Years Eve count down...and then there is "I'm going to eat and drink all that I can before I start my diet in the New Year" count down. And the many people with this mind set will typically end up gaining 5 to 10 extra pounds during the Holiday...

  • Juice Feasting - 12 Ounces of Prevention!

    25 January 2010

    I often refer to everything we eat and drink as either the ‘’hi-test fuel’’ that gives us energy, vibrancy, and a healthy lean body …or the ‘’lo-grade fuel’’ that drains us, makes us lethargic and adds excess fat that stubbornly just doesn’t go away!...

  • One a Day - For Life!!!

    05 March 2010

    I am finally back, reporting on my second month of the Juice Feasting experience. I have to tell you, I am hooked for life on Juice Feasting and hope to get you as excited and motivated as I am so that you’ll want to try it for yourself! Juicing is now...

  • Boot Camp Fever!

    09 July 2010

    The following is an article I wrote for our local paper back in March. We are starting a special Moduvated Summer Evening Boot Camp here in Cabo, and I thought I would share it with you; as a way to inspire and motivate people in our community to joint...

  • Give Your Face A Snack...For A Glowing Complexion!

    12 July 2010

    I picked up a “honey pineapple” the other day, a type that is smaller than the usual ones I have been used to eating. I had heard that this type of pineapple had a special kind of sweetness. I cut out a piece and bit into the most delicious pineapple...

  • Expect Setbacks and Learn To Embrace Them!

    19 March 2011

    This year I was blessed with the visit of many friends over a 3 month period. After they all left at the end of February, I found myself physically drained of energy and carrying extra pounds. However exciting and fun it was to see these friends, the...

  • Turn On The Glow!

    22 June 2011

    It is said that the quality of our skin is the most visible sign of healthy aging. However, most of us carry a certain amount of learned acceptance when it comes to aging. We see wrinkles developing and we attribute it to aging. We develop hyper pigmentation...

  • Test your mental thoughness...join the 30 day M Challenge!

    01 August 2011

    First day of Ramadan for my wellness partner Modu Seye, and the beginning of his 30 day fast; no food or water from dawn to dusk, in the seasonal 30 to 40C hot and humid weather we experience here in Cabo. All this while continuing to exercise and train...


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