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June 22 2011 4 22 /06 /June /2011 01:00

It is said that the quality of our skin is the most visible sign of healthy aging.  However, most of us carry a certain amount of learned acceptance when it comes to aging.  We see wrinkles developing and we attribute it to aging.  We develop hyper pigmentation (brown spots) or discolorations on our skin and we attribute it to aging.  Our skin becomes excessively dry and we attribute it to aging.  Sometimes we even go so far as to attribute all these external signs to hormone imbalance.   Deepak Chopra once said “Conditioning to a certain reality is a form of imprisonment.   Think: “reset, re-adjust…re-aligned.  Like everything else in life!’’

So it’s time to stop being complacent and resigning ourselves to the so-called ‘’ravages’’ of aging.  Instead, let’s reset ourselves and our habits, readjust our thinking, and realign our priorities for a healthy lifestyle.

The number one rule for beautiful, healthy skin is to feed it from the inside out. The way you care for your skin now will determine what it will look like for the rest of your life.  A healthy complexion is also a reflection of inner health.

Many people have asked me what the secret behind my healthy, glowing skin is.  My regimen is very simple.  First, its basic foundation sits in my refrigerator where I keep an abundance of vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds, organic protein and healthy fat.   If you are not happy about the condition of your skin, your refrigerator is the first place you should look for the recipe to achieving gorgeous skin.

I also got rid of anything in my refrigerator that contained any form of lactose because I have discovered that I am lactose intolerant.  The first evidence of this was the very tiny pimples that used to break out all over my cheeks.  Every day I aim to make 50% of my diet comprise of raw food , including a green juice and I make sure that the contents of my refrigerator reflect that.  There’s really no room in it for those unhealthy non-essentials.

The next part of my secret recipe resides in my closet where my most important pair of shoes and clothes have pride of place…my running shoes and my athletic garments.    In order to have healthy, glowing skin, you need to sweat, and I mean REALLY sweat….sweat that pours out of you and drenches your clothes.   Not only will this help you to lose or maintain weight, it will also help to detox your body and give you an instant glow!! So join a boot camp, a Zumba or spinning class, or a jogging group and sweat your way to lovely skin.

Re-adjusting ourselves also means  adjusting  what and how much we eat, along with what we use on our skin not only at different times of the year but at various stages of our life.  Skin is organic and it changes with weather, seasons, water quality, illness, and wellness therefore we must be constantly aware of giving it what it needs and when it needs it to be healthy.

My basic philosophy of wellness is to keep it simple and as natural as possible!  This is especially true when caring for my skin.  Other habits I have developed that promote healthy, glowing skin such as

*keeping the colon and liver clean through juice detox;

*laughing a lot;

*deep breathing through weekly Kundalini Yoga practice;

*drinking plenty of water, green and herbal tea;

*keeping my face out of the sun at all times and wearing a good sun block (I make sure the rest of my body gets at least an hour of sun per day but never during peak times (10 a.m. to 4 p.m.)

Omega 3 fish oil is a product that I can’t be without and unfortunately I ran out of it one week and within that short period of time I noticed a significant change in the appearance and plumpness of my skin.  It is not only essential for healthy skin, omega 3 fish oils keeps my joints well lubricated and happy especially from the hard time I give them through intense activities such as boot camp and hours of dancing.

I also strongly share Sarah Best’s philosophy, which she summarizes so well in her blog: http://www.sarahbesthealth.com/top-10-secrets-give-you-the-glow/

Good genes, combined with a healthy lifestyle have kept my skin in very good condition.  But sometimes Mother Nature needs some extra help.  I had recently noticed a change in my skin’s elasticity and firmness.  It was time for me to “reset”.  I was overdue for a good facial, and had heard of *“Cold Light Laser Therapy”, and its numerous benefits including:

  • increased circulation by increasing the formation of new capillaries (new capillaries speed up the healing process of the skin by carrying more oxygen as well as more nutrients needed for healing);
  • stimulating the production of collagen;
  • diminishing hyper-pigmentation or age spots;
  • stimulating fibroblastic activity, which aids in the tissue repair process;
  • stimulating the healing of wounds;
  • increasing lymphatic system activity;
  • helping kill bacteria and viruses.

 I also liked the fact that Cold Light Laser Therapy is a “non-invasive, gentle and inexpensive procedure.

I could not believe the tremendous results after only 2 sessions!!  I decided to go for the 8 recommended sessions, and it literally brought my skin from “very good to great”!!  This will definitely be a once a month maintenance that I will add to my basic skin regimen and I highly recommend it.

Yours in vibrant health and glowing skin,


*Contact MexSun Spa for more information on Cold Light Therapy at www.mexsunspa.com


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kamagra oral jelly 09/05/2011 06:34

oh wow...Helpful post for me... I appreciated your efforts. Thanks for sharing helpful post with people like us...

Isabelle 03/16/2012 13:43

My pleasure!  Sorry I never saw your post before...hope you had good results trying these tips!


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