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December 30 2011 6 30 /12 /December /2011 01:24

To be the very best, healthiest you, it’s all about prevention!  With that goal in mind, we can fully embrace the idea of super charging our meals and drinks with ingredients that will help super charge our health and wellbeing. 

One of my favorite ingredients is GINGER.Ginger Root and Krachai CB064434

Ginger is a pungent spice used for a variety of medicinal applications.   It is an absolute super food.  First, it provides digestive support.  Second, with the change to cooler temperatures, ginger is a great immune booster, and is one of the best cold and sinus remedies.  I often grate ginger roots and place them in a big pot of water, and boil them into a strong amber colored tea which I sip on all day.

The best news of all however, is that ginger root is a natural anti-inflammatory.  It is well known for its remarkable ability to reduce the pain and swelling associated with arthritis-like conditions.  I experienced this first hand when I developed excruciating pain in my right wrist.  This lasted more than nine months and it didn’t help that I over-used it during the many boot camps and exercises that I undertake and my poor wrist never had a chance to heal. 

This brings me to my second favorite beverage, CHAI TEA.   I had been living with the constant pain of my wrist, until one day I was introduced to Chai Tea which also contains ginger root.

I absolutely loooove Chai Tea, especially the kind sold at Manoma, Yoga, Lifestyle and Spa where my office is located.  It contains no black or green tea leaves.  I did not need the added green tea leaves  because  I already drink green tea, on its own, on a daily basis.  Besides ginger root, Chai tea contains spices which  makes  it a powerful natural remedy.  About one month ago, I started making one litre of pure Chai tea, with nothing added to it and I sipped on it all day.  Approximately two weeks into this daily regimen, I noticed that the pain and swelling in my wrist had started to subside.  Oh what  a relief…and what a delightful surprise, I really couldn’t believe it!! 

There are so many health benefits associated with ginger and with Chai tea containing ginger, that they should be consumed often, in whichever form you enjoy the most.

The following website has a detailed list of the benefits of ginger.  Feel free to share this with your friends and family



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