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March 5 2010 6 05 /03 /March /2010 13:21

I am finally back, reporting on my second month of the Juice Feasting experience.

I have to tell you, I am hooked for life on Juice Feasting and hope to get you as excited and motivated as I am so that you’ll want to try it for yourself!   


Juicing is now part of my daily “beauty regimen”.  As I mentioned in last month’s blog, I noticed a slight plumping effect to my skin, and others commented that my skin had a  radiant glow within a short time after drinking my juice.  It gives me a sudden burst of increased energy, and has become my pre-workout food of choice – a highly nutritional elixir that beats any sports drink on the market!!  Lately, I have started to add 2 flash frozen wheat grass cubes in my juices, so you can imagine how powerfully healthy this juice of mine has become.  


People who know me are well aware that I am passionate about the subject of sugar, and its negative impact on our body, from obesity and Type 2 diabetes, to metabolic syndrome.  ‘’It’s The Sugar…Honey’’ has become my maxim!  I have come to realize in the past month that a significant part of my professional work, as a Health Coach and Lifestyle Educator, is increasingly becoming focused on issues regarding Type 2 diabetes, from the prevention of it to reversing it.  My musings on the subject of juicing will certainly keep this growing problem in mind.


Last month, I was bombarded with questions from several people, including blog readers, about Juice Feasting, so I thought I would share with you a few details about my juicing experience.


Being somewhat of a creature of habit, like many of you, I always use the same two glasses to drink my juices.  More precisely, they both have 16 ounce (500ml) capacities, one is a simple, clear water glass which I use before my morning workout or dance lesson.  If I happen to have both boot camp and dance on the same day, I drink the same amount twice, in that same glass.  I often talk about celebrating life with the simplest gestures, so I use the other glass, a beautiful wine goblet, and sip my green elixir as if it were a cocktail or a fine wine.  I do this on afternoons when I have to write a great deal and I need the “creative juices” to flow. 


The type of juicer you buy truly matters.  Make sure you do your research beforehand and buy the type of juicer that will serve you best.  If it’s a high maintenance, manual type of juicer, and you are a busy person, you are not going to juice for very long.  Buy the very best you can afford but make sure it is really sturdy, easy to use and even easier to clean. Read the instructions before you start operating it.  This is really important and PLEASE don’t do as I did.  I bought the juicer and threw away the instructions, so confident was I that I knew it all.  After a few messy juicing sessions, when the juicer was spitting the fiber all over my kitchen, my ‘’wheat grass guy’’ showed me the importance of that silly little piece of plastic I had set aside and ignored but was so crucial in keeping everything flowing down into the container.


Start slowly, then as you become more adept and more habituated, increase the amount of juicing.  Since one of the numerous benefits of juicing greens is its detoxifying properties, drinking 16 to 24 ounces daily might be a bit much for you at first.  This is  especially true if you have not detoxified before - the toxins wanting to come out all at the same time can create ‘’strong’’ reactions… It’s better to start slowly, that way, you will be more likely to stick with it and make it part of your daily routine.        


Use it all!!  The neat thing about juicing is that you can put the fiber (pulp) that comes out at the other end of your juicer to a multitude of uses.  If you are one of the growing numbers of raw foodies, you already know that you can dehydrate that wonderful pulp to make raw bread or crackers.  With organic vegetables and herbs including leafy greens, beets, cucumber, celery, red or yellow peppers, ginger, mint and green apples I created the most beautiful, aromatic and colorful combinations of pulp imaginable.  I thought they would make an incredible raw soup, but it would have to be fast and easy.  I came up with a scrumptious soup recipe that is ready in minutes, and all in the blender (I would be pleased to share the recipe with you)!  I often have a bowl of it as a snack!!  You can eat it cold, slightly lukewarm (to keep its raw structure), or if you have had your quota of raw elixir, simply use it to make a regular soup.  If you juice every day, you can freeze the pulp for later use, or simply put it in your compost. Your garden will thank you.


Be sure to visit your local organic markets to get the freshest and healthiest produce possible.


Here are a few useful links to help you get started.


Angela Leeds,  http://www.live-green-smoothie-diet.com/category/juicing-fresh-juice/ has a wonderful section on juices.  If you have glucose issues, please remember to stick to low glycemic fruits such as green apples to sweeten your juices.

Angela is also an expert on juicers, so please don’t hesitate to ask her for suggestions before you invest in one.


Here in Cabo, Jose Lima, http://www.wheatgrassloscabos.com/ a local sprouts and wheat grass producer also sells juicers, and fresh or flash frozen wheat grass.


So fill up your favorite glass with this exquisite elixir and let’s make a toast to your better health…


Happy juicing!


Yours in vibrant health,



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Isabelle 04/26/2010 04:03

Thank you!  I am glad you enjoy!  My aim is to motivate and inspire people to reach for their best and healthiest life!:)

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