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December 21 2009 2 21 /12 /December /2009 22:45
There is New Years Eve count down...and then there is "I'm going to eat and drink all that I can before I start my diet in the New Year" count down. 

And the many people with this mind set will typically end up gaining 5 to 10 extra pounds during the Holiday Season.  It's like wanting to dig a hole in the garden, but dump a truck load of dirt on top before you start digging...insane isn't it??

It's Christmas Eve, and I thought I would share some of my favorite tips to help you enjoy the Holidays, while minimizing the "damage to repair" in the New Year!

*Eat before you head out!  This really works!  I typically have a bowl of soup, or a protein shake.  It will keep you from eating everything in sight when you get to the party.

*Get your mind "off" food and "on" to people!  Once you have eaten enough, which is before you get that heavy feeling of fullness, get away from the food table and into conversations with people.  Makes for a much more interesting time! 

*If there is music, move!  Dancing (my favorite!!) will help you burn the excess calories you just ate, and totally lifts the spirit!

*It isn't your last meal!  So try not to eat like it is.  Just ask yourself before you "dive in": "Is the very short term pleasure worth the long term disappointment, and will what I am about to do bring me closer or further from my weight loss goal?".   

*1 water for 1 alcohol drink!  I typically ask for a glass of water at the same time I order a drink, so this way I don't forget.  You usually end up drinking less, and it will keep you from dehydrating and from "the morning after" headache!

*Be mindful of mixed drinks!  They are often loaded with sugar and a ton of calories.  A frozen margarita can easily amount to up to 900 calories!  If I am going to have a margarita, I order it on the rocks with fresh lime, no salt, no sugar (that liquid agave syrup) and a dash of orange juice.  You can also dilute the calories in wine by ordering a wine spritzer, or choose a light beer which contains only 50 calories per bottle.

*If you over indulge, burn it off!  Walk it off!!  With the dog, with the kids, with friends...your ipod...what ever turns you on.  Just burn it off!

The greatest gift you can give yourself this Holiday Season is to get off the diet roller coaster...stop the count down to insanity, and think change of lifestyle instead, one step at a time! 

I leave  you with one of my favorite quotes by Robin Sharma: "Small, daily progress, overtime produces outstanding results!"  

Have a magical Holiday Season!

In health and well being,


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vasanth 01/07/2010 04:45

Hi Isabelle, Thanks for registering me on the website. I have an question. Is it advisable to become a veggie?

Isabelle 01/07/2010 05:48

Good question!  I actually don't give this type of advice Vasanth.  What I am a big proponent of is a low inflammation, low glycemic way of eating...lots of vegetables, the greener the
better but vary and mix colors...some clean healthy protein (does not have to be all from a animal source) and fibers, healthy fats and aim at eating 51% raw, which will have a very positive impact
on your overall health and wellbeing.  My goal is for people to crave healthy food...and the only way to get there is to understand that healthy meals should look good, smell good and taste
I hope this help!


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