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January 25 2010 2 25 /01 /January /2010 04:51


I often refer to everything we eat and drink as either the ‘’hi-test fuel’’ that gives us energy, vibrancy, and a healthy lean body …or the ‘’lo-grade fuel’’ that drains us, makes us lethargic and adds excess fat that stubbornly just doesn’t go away!   As a fervent advocate of eating highly nutritious food which I describe as the “premium high octane fuel” that our body needs to heal and prevent diseases, I decided to try out the Juice Feasting experience.


I first became interested in Juice Feasting after reading an article in the Fresh Network Blog, which featured the work of a very progressive cancer clinic called the Oasis Of Healing.   This clinic is located in a quiet residential district in Mesa, Arizona and is the inspiration of its founder, Dr.Thomas Lodi, M.D.   According to this article, Oasis of Healing is the only cancer clinic in the United States that integrates a regimen of raw foods juices, and detoxification into its cancer treatments.  Most patients arriving at the clinic take part in a three-week green juice feast in which they drink three or more quarts [litres] of fresh green juice a day.  This floods the patient’s body with vast amounts of phyto-nutrients and minerals, amounts greater than what the average person would consume in two years! 


The pigment in dark greens is chlorophyll and at the centre of each chlorophyll molecule is a magnesium ion. Magnesium is a highly alkalinizing mineral, and some studies have shown that cancer is an acidic condition.  According to Dr. Lodi, if you’re drinking several quarts of this green elixir every day, which still has its bioelectric charge, your body is being restored to a condition in which it can heal.


This article got me seriously thinking about the benefits of ingesting large amounts of greens in my own daily life. It is a known fact that eating dark greens cleanses, rebuilds, hydrates and alkalinizes the body.  Recent studies have also shown that these dark greens also increase life expectancy and offer the potential for remission in cancer patients. Imagine what only one glass a day would do for PREVENTION!    


I resolved to put my body to the test and started a partial Juice Feast on January 4th .  Partial means I only drink 1 to 2 litres (quarts) of raw green juice daily (remember, it’s usually double that amount for a full Juice Feast), typically from the time I get up to approximately 1 p.m., then I go on to my usual healthy meals.  Why did I choose to make it only a partial experience?  Because my aim is to inspire and motivate the mass, and I wanted to make this an experience that the average person could undertake successfully and not be overwhelmed by it.       


Organic vegetable growing season is in full swing in Cabo at the moment, and this makes it an ideal time when greens of all sorts are in abundance.  My green juices typically contain an armful of kale, Swiss chard , spinach, parsley, with a base of cucumber, celery and other dark greens, and some ginger.  I also add low-glycemic fruits  such as lime plus pears or green apples to enhance the flavour.  Why low glycemic fruits?  because when you remove the fiber from any fruit, it becomes 100% sugar, and the body does not make the distinction between sugar from fruits and refined sugar.  Sugar…is sugar…is sugar…honey!      


I couldn’t believe the benefits I experienced after only two days on my Juice Feast.  Here are but a few of those benefits:


*An increased amount of energy (as if that were possible for those of you who know me), which significantly improved both performance and endurance at boot camp, and during my dancing lessons.

*An improvement in my skin tone, softness and glow.

*A clearer mind and a better ability to focus.

*It even cleared up the inflammation I had in one eye before starting this program.


What was also interesting to me was the almost instant feeling of lightness I experienced from ingesting raw green juice.  It stands to reason. I’m giving my digestive system a break!   When I started again on solid food in the afternoon, I immediately recognized the effects of different types of foods on my digestive system.  It has certainly made me even more conscious (like that word ) of the reasons why I want to integrate more raw food in my diet as a result


More about Juice Feasting in next week’s blog.


In vibrant health!



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Marcus Patman 03/30/2010 22:37

I'm on day 2, in heavy detox! It's all good, the body is healing itself. Follow my progress at http://juicefeastingpdx.com!

Isabelle 04/26/2010 04:04

Hi Marcus,

How is your juice feasting going?

ღ ღ ღ ♥ nessa ♥ღ ღ ღ 02/23/2010 08:12

nice :-) could you put a translator on your site :-)

Isabelle 02/23/2010 15:06

THank you Nessa.  I have a translater already.  There is another sister site connected to this one, where you can find all these blogs in Spanish.  Unless you are talking of another

Modu 02/05/2010 05:01

Thank you Isabelle because of you I make it a point. I drink my green juice every day. keep leading people to live a healthy life style.
Thx Again!!!

Isabelle 02/07/2010 00:17

My pleasure Modu!  So glad you do...in addition to being amazing at keeping yourself, and the people you train, fit you're going to greatly benefit from this daily concentration of high
Keep it up!!:)

Judith 01/25/2010 16:44

.........you are so darn inspiring, Isabelle!

Isabelle 01/26/2010 00:15

Thanks Judy!:) So glad you enjoy!!


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