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March 19 2011 7 19 /03 /March /2011 01:43

This year I was blessed with the visit of many friends over a 3 month period.  After they all left at the end of February, I found myself physically drained of energy and carrying extra pounds.

However exciting and fun it was to see these friends, the extra activities I undertook with them coupled with my busy work schedule were overwhelming to say the least.  I can blame the numerous meals we ate out together for these extra pounds, but truth be told, that wasn’t the reason.   What I call a once a week indulgence had become a daily habit, and the pain I had been suffering in my right wrist (from overuse), became an excuse to decrease my normal fitness activities.

Yes, even health coaches have setbacks, we’re human after all.  But for me, setbacks always serve as  valuable lessons to help me be a better coach.  

I truly believe in leading by example, so first and foremost, was the need to get myself back on track.  I usually do a cleanse twice a year, and with my birthday coming up the timing was perfect! A 7 day  green juice cleanse to get rid of the extra fat  and toxins would be the best birthday gift I could give to my body this year!!

I have undertaken many cleanses over the years, always using good natural products and there are many quality ones on the market.  However, since I had firsthand experience with the numerous health benefits of green juices (which I promote as a daily “12 Ounces of Prevention”), I decided to do my cleanse solely with green juices.  After all, I am a strong believer that there is nothing on Earth that cleanses and nourishes at the same time and as well as green juices.    I consider it the best win-win combination. 

Even though I modified the cleanse somewhat after a couple of days by adding a few raw, solid foods (details in next week’s blog), the results were nothing less than astonishing!! Over the past 8 months I had developed little pimples on my forehead and they were also appearing on my cheeks.    What was happening to the healthy skin with which I prided myself on maintaining with healthy eating habits and regular exercise?  Nothing I tried made these pimples go away…until now!  After only two days of drinking green juices, the pimples are ALL gone, and my skin is left glowing and healthier than ever.

Not only is this cleanse giving me back my healthy skin, a cleaner and lighter body with the extra pounds gone,  but this set back has been a blessing--an opportunity for me to attain my next level of “health” growth.  Just like a professional jumper who needs to take a bigger step back in order to jump further, I actually needed this setback to rediscover how very healing green juices and raw foods are for my body.  It also brought home the fact that I need to increase their presence in my daily regimen.

I am slowly re-introducing food to my diet, one item at a time so that I can better determine the ones to which I have allergies or intolerance.  This will help me to decide which foods I will continue eating, and which ones I will gently eliminate. 

One thing I know for sure-- green juicing is now part of my daily routine and I have decided to increase the percentage of raw food in my diet as a result of my setback.    This experience has served me well as an important reminder that the next time my life gets overwhelming, I won’t use food as a soother.  Instead, I will choose to honor myself and what I value by staying centered and true to who I am, and what I am all about.

Not only do I expect setbacks, I embrace them! They are blessings in disguise and I can’t wait to see what the next setback will bring!

Wild on greens and in vibrant health,


Professional Health Coach and Lifestyle Educator

San Jose Del Cabo, B.C.S, Mexico


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neo 04/18/2011 01:41

nice blog!

Isabelle 03/16/2012 13:43

Sorry I never saw our post before, Thank you!


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