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May 21 2013 3 21 /05 /May /2013 13:29

                                                         Couple-eating-apple from impactlab . netBy Wendy Rains

So your boyfriend went to great lengths to try to come up with the most clever, romantic marriage proposal anyone could ever imagine.  So all your girlfriends and relatives were enlisted to be part of this event and went gaga over what a lucky girl you are to have such an incredible man want to marry you.  Yeahhhhhh!  You are now officially, a bona fide fiancée because, as Beyoncé instructed, ”he put a ring on it”.

Like thousands of other women, you’ve probably been fantasizing about your wedding day since you were a little girl thumbing through bridal magazines. In your mind, you already had your dress picked out, decided what your bridesmaids would wear, the color scheme, your bouquet, the venue for the ceremony, for the reception…and…and… and…You get the picture. 

Well, stop right there!

I bet there is one thing neither you nor any other bride-to-be has thought of, and it’s probably the most important item that should be included on your Wedding To Do List…more important than choosing your caterer, preparing your seating chart, or deciding whom to invite to witness this momentous occasion. 

Do you think I’m referring to a pre-nup?  Well, I guess in a way, I am.  However, not the kind of pre-nup agreement your rich fiancé’s lawyer  wants you to sign.  This one has nothing to do with a contract determining the division of assets in the event of a divorce (before you’re even married!)   This is about a simple preparation every bride and groom can and should undertake.  Call it a Prep-Nup, if you will.  It’s the key that can unlock the door to the marital bliss you have dreamt about, and let’s face it, too few achieve. 

Enter Isabelle-Lifestyle.  As a Lifestyle Consultant, Isabelle Gagnon has guided hundreds of people into living healthier, more productive, more caring lives.  She helps her clients view the entire picture of who they are, what they ingest into their bodies, and how they feed their souls.  She offers either group workshops or private couple’s sessions, depending upon their needs.  In either setting, couples will walk away inspired with a personal plan that will greatly enrich their married life.

Whether you are embarking on your first marriage, or have been through the trials and tribulations of raising kids and surviving a messy divorce, there is one thing which will benefit every couple contemplating marital commitment--a Consideration Agreement.  In Isabelle’s own words, “The healthiest relationship is an interdependent one.  This means there’s a Me, there’s a You, and there’s an Us.  However, the You and the Me must never lose themselves in the Us.”

Isabelle Gagnon has been conducting health and lifestyle workshops in some of Cabo San Lucas’s highest rated hotels and resorts for several years.  Given that Cabo is a very popular wedding destination, many of her workshop attendees happen to be newlyweds or are about to be.  This has inspired Isabelle to expand her Health and Lifestyle Coaching practice to coaching, “about to be” and newly married couples who want to start off on the right foot, together.  She is able to help them connect to and give voice to their innermost desires for their relationship, and set some “ground rules” so to speak, before any bad habits are allowed to permanently infiltrate their married life.   Isabelle offers a brilliant series of tips and exercises, and most of all, they really work! 

According to Maryanne D., a bride who worked with Isabelle 3 years ago, after marrying her boyfriend of 8 years, “Isabelle gave us the tools to communicate with each other in new ways.  We lived together for so long before deciding to get married, and had no idea how many hidden thoughts and expectations we had been keeping from each other that were sabotaging us from achieving true happiness.  Isabelle’s workshop made us bring about significant changes in our relationship, and we are so grateful to have met her”. 

 Or…David L. “When we were on our honeymoon, my new bride dragged me into Isabelle’s healthy life-style workshop…the last thing I had any interest in.  But from the first minute that Isabelle started her presentation, I was hooked.  The things Isabelle said resonated with me so much and I realized how important it was for us to lay out our hopes and dreams for each other, to each other.  I never would have done that on my own.”

So, are we talking about some sacred secret to fulfilling relationships?  No! There’s nothing sacred or secret about learning some valuable skills to become closer to the person closest to you.  As Isabelle says, “It’s about creating a “healthy culture within your own culture”.  When you are physically and mentally at your best, you are a better mate, a better parent and so on.”

Isabelle Gagnon is a dynamic speaker, passionate about her role as a health and lifestyle educator.  She feels blessed to be able to act as a facilitator for couples wanting to ensure that their marital relationship becomes the best they could ever imagine.

To learn more about Isabelle-Lifestyle and how Isabelle can guide you to create a “healthy culture” in your relationship, go to www.isabellelifestyle.com


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