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June 20 2009 7 20 /06 /June /2009 01:50
I was wondering what topic I would choose for my very first blog… I have so much to talk about… not that I wanted to bring up the swine flue issue  – or media-influenza for lack of a better word! Like the world needed another “Shot of Fear”. But sadly enough, the reason I chose this title is because I believe more people will be tempted to read on. The media, in its brilliance, has figured it out quite a while back. We have become “Fear Junkies”, and it amazes me that we continue to feed on it! If it is true that “what we focus on expends”, I believe the time has come to snap out of the fear mode. Don’t get me wrong, this was a potentially serious issue that needed a serious dose of care and prevention. But it ended up creating more collateral damage then anything else, which brings me to the word: PRE-VENTION. Why do we wait for a crisis to think of preventative measures? 

When subtle messages don’t work the universe, in it’s kindness, sends us stronger ones… the ones we don’t like… the ones that make us panic, and maybe finally motivate us to make “POSITIVE CHANGES”. 

Of course there is a parallel here. I hear a lot of people saying: “…It’s so hard to stick to healthy eating habits and exercise…” My answer to you is: it’s so easy to give up! My girlfriend says “I can come up with 20 reasons, between the time I get out of bed and go to the bathroom, not to go out and walk first thing in the morning.” We are prisoners of our own habits, and we too often have to be stricken by sickness, disease and fear to make the changes. I also think that living in abundance sometimes cripples us, makes us weak and undisciplined. We find it hard to commit to healthy eating habits and exercise in part because we are too busy, we have too much to choose from, too much to resist and not enough appreciation for the world we live in.

My brother Richard gets it! He just turned 50 last month, and he has a 6-pack that is the envy of a lot of people (he literally does lol), which he has managed to maintain pretty well for the past 25 years! So I asked him a couple of weeks ago what his secret was, and if it get’s easier with time.  Here’s what he said: “I started to work out in my 20’s to manage the stress of an hectic job, then liked the way it made me feel and look. But even after all these years, it’s a hard thing to consistently do – see there is no secret, you just have to do it… you just have to “kick your butt” out the door – but it’s all worth it!”

You don’t do it because it’s easy…but because it’s wise.



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