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March 25 2015 4 25 /03 /March /2015 15:10
The Ultimate Act of Selflessness

NO MATTER HOW PREPARED YOU THINK YOU ARE for anything in life, there is always an element of unpredictability. Now that my birthday celebrations of Sunday are passed...reflecting this morning, I felt compelled to share my experience in the international triathlon race of this past Saturday.

This year was my second time participating in the La Paz Pan American ITU competition. One more year of training under my belt, I felt strong and ready.

We started the 1.5km swim in a rough sea with challenging waves. Having trained often in the choppy water at Palmilla beach, in San Jose del Cabo where I live, I managed to decrease my time by 11 minutes from last year! Quick transition to bike, glanced at my watch, I was real happy to be off to a great start!

Feeling real good and strong, I got into my cycling flow...passing a lot of competitors who obviously had a better swim time than me, with all the confidence and trust in my training (as my coach always tells us), I was on my way to decrease my bike time as well, until a few kilometeres before Balandra, I heard a familiar "scary sound"...ohhh noooo....I had come face to face with the unpredictable; a flat tire at the front!!

Quickly off the bike, and pulling to the side of the road, with shaking hands, I proceeded to change my tire....fighting the drop in spirit happening in my head (that little voice that says: why is this happening to me!!). With a deamed light of confidence, I pulled out one of the two little air cylinders which blows up your tire in a flash. Call it the nerves, or what ever...this little "bomba" was not inflating my tire. I quickly reached for the second one...no air...nada!! I was out of "air"...and my moral was also deflating. And just like a child who would miss Christmas, tears started rolling down my cheeks. I felt heartbroken...as I watched my fellow competitors, one after the other, racing in front of my eyes with a compassionate look towards me.

An official on his moped quickly passed by and promised to return and help me. I had the option to give up and go back with him on his moped...but while waiting, I suddenly thought to myself; "ok Isa, suck it up! Stop the tears and go into your dynamic spirit." This is part of the game...you've trained for that...you have to finish no matter what, because finishing is what you train for...finishing is what you are here to do!!"

And suddenly, a racer named Paula, screamed: "what do you need"?! I waved at her to continue her race, because there is no way an athlete who has trained hard for a race should sacrifice her time to stop and help anothe. But to my surprise, she wouldn't hear it. She turned around and came towards me with her little hand pump (yep, lesson no. 1 for me: the hand pump is ultimately your best friend). No matter how much I protested it would slow down her time, she said: "5 minutes won't be the end of the world for me...we are all in this together"! As she proceeded to inflate my tire, and helped me put it back on, I was in shock...as I knew that I was in the presence of a very special soul. Than we both left and carried on...in seperate directions...with the echo of gratitude in my voice, in the middle of the desert, shouting: "thank you Paula...thank you!!"

And yes...biking back to catch-up on about a 20 minutes stop, I knew I was now stretching my challenging knee to the max...but at that moment it wasn't important-that's when the mind takes over. Quick transition off the bike...I hit the grown running the 10km, with "mind over matters" numbing the growing pain in my legs. And there she was again...the angel-fellow competitor named "Paula from Cabo", my savior, on her last running stretch cheering me up as I passed by her: "Go Isabelle go"!!. With all the admiration in the world, and tears in my eyes, I was in awe of such rare selflessness and kindness. She was my new hero! Nothing to do with time...or winning the race: on my constant strive to become a better human being, "Paula" is the type of person I wanted to be more like.

And so, even though my knee said "enough!" I painfully crossed the finish line...because I am a "finisher" in sports, and in life...and this is just one of many more races to come.

But I am still puzzled by Paola's selfless act of kindness. This is usually unheard of in competitive sports, and should rightfully not be expected, as athletes spend months and months of hard work, training for the race...for this one big moment in time; a chance to make it to the podium. So what makes one ultimately decide, during such an important moment in their life, to forgo their own personal gain to help another...I wonder?

This race ended up being a real "gift of a learning experience" for me, in so many ways. I am happy to have been able to finish the race, feeling grateful, blessed and deeply touched by someone's selfless act of kindness. Thank you "Paola of Cabo"; you are a true success, as a human being!

Isabelle heart emoticon

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May 21 2013 3 21 /05 /May /2013 13:29

                                                         Couple-eating-apple from impactlab . netBy Wendy Rains

So your boyfriend went to great lengths to try to come up with the most clever, romantic marriage proposal anyone could ever imagine.  So all your girlfriends and relatives were enlisted to be part of this event and went gaga over what a lucky girl you are to have such an incredible man want to marry you.  Yeahhhhhh!  You are now officially, a bona fide fiancée because, as Beyoncé instructed, ”he put a ring on it”.

Like thousands of other women, you’ve probably been fantasizing about your wedding day since you were a little girl thumbing through bridal magazines. In your mind, you already had your dress picked out, decided what your bridesmaids would wear, the color scheme, your bouquet, the venue for the ceremony, for the reception…and…and… and…You get the picture. 

Well, stop right there!

I bet there is one thing neither you nor any other bride-to-be has thought of, and it’s probably the most important item that should be included on your Wedding To Do List…more important than choosing your caterer, preparing your seating chart, or deciding whom to invite to witness this momentous occasion. 

Do you think I’m referring to a pre-nup?  Well, I guess in a way, I am.  However, not the kind of pre-nup agreement your rich fiancé’s lawyer  wants you to sign.  This one has nothing to do with a contract determining the division of assets in the event of a divorce (before you’re even married!)   This is about a simple preparation every bride and groom can and should undertake.  Call it a Prep-Nup, if you will.  It’s the key that can unlock the door to the marital bliss you have dreamt about, and let’s face it, too few achieve. 

Enter Isabelle-Lifestyle.  As a Lifestyle Consultant, Isabelle Gagnon has guided hundreds of people into living healthier, more productive, more caring lives.  She helps her clients view the entire picture of who they are, what they ingest into their bodies, and how they feed their souls.  She offers either group workshops or private couple’s sessions, depending upon their needs.  In either setting, couples will walk away inspired with a personal plan that will greatly enrich their married life.

Whether you are embarking on your first marriage, or have been through the trials and tribulations of raising kids and surviving a messy divorce, there is one thing which will benefit every couple contemplating marital commitment--a Consideration Agreement.  In Isabelle’s own words, “The healthiest relationship is an interdependent one.  This means there’s a Me, there’s a You, and there’s an Us.  However, the You and the Me must never lose themselves in the Us.”

Isabelle Gagnon has been conducting health and lifestyle workshops in some of Cabo San Lucas’s highest rated hotels and resorts for several years.  Given that Cabo is a very popular wedding destination, many of her workshop attendees happen to be newlyweds or are about to be.  This has inspired Isabelle to expand her Health and Lifestyle Coaching practice to coaching, “about to be” and newly married couples who want to start off on the right foot, together.  She is able to help them connect to and give voice to their innermost desires for their relationship, and set some “ground rules” so to speak, before any bad habits are allowed to permanently infiltrate their married life.   Isabelle offers a brilliant series of tips and exercises, and most of all, they really work! 

According to Maryanne D., a bride who worked with Isabelle 3 years ago, after marrying her boyfriend of 8 years, “Isabelle gave us the tools to communicate with each other in new ways.  We lived together for so long before deciding to get married, and had no idea how many hidden thoughts and expectations we had been keeping from each other that were sabotaging us from achieving true happiness.  Isabelle’s workshop made us bring about significant changes in our relationship, and we are so grateful to have met her”. 

 Or…David L. “When we were on our honeymoon, my new bride dragged me into Isabelle’s healthy life-style workshop…the last thing I had any interest in.  But from the first minute that Isabelle started her presentation, I was hooked.  The things Isabelle said resonated with me so much and I realized how important it was for us to lay out our hopes and dreams for each other, to each other.  I never would have done that on my own.”

So, are we talking about some sacred secret to fulfilling relationships?  No! There’s nothing sacred or secret about learning some valuable skills to become closer to the person closest to you.  As Isabelle says, “It’s about creating a “healthy culture within your own culture”.  When you are physically and mentally at your best, you are a better mate, a better parent and so on.”

Isabelle Gagnon is a dynamic speaker, passionate about her role as a health and lifestyle educator.  She feels blessed to be able to act as a facilitator for couples wanting to ensure that their marital relationship becomes the best they could ever imagine.

To learn more about Isabelle-Lifestyle and how Isabelle can guide you to create a “healthy culture” in your relationship, go to www.isabellelifestyle.com


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May 6 2013 2 06 /05 /May /2013 18:38

Blog by www.Moduvated.com big 69


Exercise and a healthy diet is a lifestyle; it’s a way of being, not just something you magically arrive at one day.  Nothing feels as good as the empowerment that comes with the decision to ‘change’, no matter what that happens to be for a person.  The first steps to achieve take life by setting goals and working hard towards them… but it is more about creating the passion to ‘live a life’ where confidence builds, self-esteem blossoms and a new phase of life begins where the other one ends.

When Alberto Valázquez Cota first decided to accept the ModuVated Boot Camp Challenge, he knew exactly what he wanted to achieve, ‘to lose weight as quickly as possible’.  But, what he didn’t anticipate was the rewards that came along the way step-by-step as he neared his goals.  He had never before, in his thirty-nine years, envisioned himself doing the style of workout routine such as the one he was about to begin this past January 2013.  After three months of sand and sweat along with every combination of squats, push-ups and planks imaginable, he has found himself addicted to the ‘after feeling’ as well as the desire to go after even more.  “When you find a trainer like Modu whose presence alone speaks, things seem even more achievable.  He pushes you in a way that you want to follow him.”  Alberto also feels that the ModuVated team of professionals, especially Isabelle Gagnon (ModuVated Health Coach) played a huge role in his success these past few months.  “I have never before met a nutritionist more professional and with such a passion and knowledge of her field of work…her motivation lead me to achieve the results that I achieved in such a short time. “

Isabelle assures, that Alberto “has been someone with a no excuse attitude from the start.  His strong resolve to make the lifestyle changes required to lose the excess weight and feel better, lead him to commit to exercise 5 times a week, bi-weekly health coach visits, drastically decrease the sugar in his diet and increase vegetables and fruits.”  With this dedication, after the short two-month challenge, Alberto lost an amazing 17 pounds on the scale and a pure fat loss of 7.6%.

To be inspired and motivated isn't enough to change AND MAINTAIN a healthy lifestyle.  You have to have a strong enough "why", a reason that will fuel your desire to change.  Alberto's “reasons to change were bigger than his need to change, and his outstanding progress and results speak for themself.” We know that we haven't seen the last of him and that this is only the beginning.  Although Alberto’s journey is still in the initial phases, he is dedicated to continue to take steps in the right directions.  Alberto says,  “I know that I will achieve all that I need to with the help and support of Modu, Isabelle and the entire team.  Gracias Modu, gracias Isabelle and gracias Moduvated Team.”


Blog written by www.moduvated.com



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December 23 2012 1 23 /12 /December /2012 23:30

On a Sunday afternoon, about three weeks ago, I was watching a movie when I was suddenly overcome by a strange feeling, one that I hadn’t had for a very long time.  Call it “the blues”, call it ‘’the dumps’’ or any other depressing name, once it starts trying to envelop you, it’s time to sit up and make an attitude adjustment.  I thought to myself; “You have a great practice, lots of wonderful friends…you’re single, but certainly not alone, so snap out of it, girl!’’Picture-for-the-Blog.jpg 

There is something about the Christmas season that is very unique and seems to bring out in us the most sugary, syrupy, romantic longings that no amount of pragmatic reasoning can repress.  I call it the Christmas fairy dust that tends to sprinkle itself most heavily on single people.  Even though this is not my first Christmas as a ‘’single’’, I actually caught myself daydreaming about sharing the Holidays with that special someone this year.

This led me  to think about all the singles and people alone at Christmas and how they deal with Christmas fairy dust, and I decided to do a little research on the subject. 

Naturally I got caught in the old adage of “what you focus on expands” and was confronted with mountains of articles and commercial ads of every genre on “finding love at Christmas”.  I love Christmas movies, but I am really taken aback at the number of them dealing with this subject.  Just last night, there was “A Boyfriend for Christmas” followed by “Single Santa Seeks Mrs. Claus”.  Every magazine I picked up had an article dedicated to the strengthening or the development of relationships during the Holiday season.  Holiday greeting cards show couples frolicking together, singing carols together, and sharing special moments together.  TV ads always show partiers dancing or sharing drinks with one another, families holding or hugging each other.  Is it any wonder that singles find themselves bathing, even drowning in Christmas fairy dust?  Have the Christmas marketers on Madison Avenue turned on the pressure to such a degree that we allow ourselves to turn into emotional, irrational lumps of pudding, devoid of any pragmatic sense of resolve or of any realistic expectations?

A friend of mine recently bought himself an SUV, a 10 speed road bike and a new motorcycle, all within the past three weeks.  I couldn’t help but ask, “What’s with you?  Are you going through a mid-life crisis at such a young age?”  To which he replied: “No, I just feel alone…so I buy things to help me feel better.”  I felt like using one of Dr. Phil’s most popular retorts, “…and how’s that working for you?”  

Yes, I do believe that there is a very real danger of making “irrational decisions” at Christmas time.  The lights, the candles, the music, the magic of it all often make us do things we undoubtedly regret, or even to forget what’s most important, and that is to focus on all the good things that surround us, and all our accomplishments. 

 So here’s my very own list of “dos and don’ts” for singles at Christmas time:

· Don’t go on a shopping spree in order to compensate for the “aloneness” you may feel. It’s a very costly mistake that might take you months, even years to correct;

· Don’t go on a food binge in order to numb the emptiness…you’ll simply end up heavier and feeling worse;

· Don’t go back to an “ex” to try and recycle your old relationship because of your fear of never finding someone else. Once the magic of the “night” and the Christmas season are gone, you won’t only be facing tired decorations but you’ll be confronted with a rehash of your past mistakes and the list of reasons you thank the stars you broke up with the person in the first place;

· Don’t stay alone, wallowing in your misery and feeling sorry for yourself. A pity party is never attractive and absolutely no one ever likes to attend one 

  • Do:

·        Stop worrying about never finding someone to love; focus instead on developing within yourself, the qualities you are looking for in a partner.  That is a sure way to attract the right person;

·        ‘’If you want to lift yourself up, lift someone else” says Cory Booker, the mayor of Newark, New Jersey ~

Turning your attention from yourself and placing it on helping another not only makes you stop wallowing in your own issues, but it’s the most fulfilling act of all.  It fills your heart with the kind of love that is the most meaningful;

·        Be grateful for all you have and be hopeful for all that is to come. Make a list of all the good things that have happened to you so far, and all the good things you’ve accomplished for yourself and for others. When you’ve finished writing this list, you’ll be more grounded and realize how wonderfully abundant your world really is and the many blessings that have paved your path;

·        Take care of your health, your most valuable possession.  Eat clean, indulge in your favorites with moderation.  Burn the excess by keeping up with your exercise program and really catch up on your sleep.  A healthy body and mind are a sure way to boost your serotonin levels (the happy hormone), and to fire up a more positive energy and attitude with which to start the New Year.

Finally, in these past few weeks, I’ve not only been giving the subject of love and finding the right partner a lot of thought, but I’ve also wondered if it isn’t fear more than anything that gets in the way, that keeps us closed to meeting potential suitors.  The fear of being hurt, the fear of being deceived, the fear of trusting once again, the fear of full commitment and making another huge mistake.   In her article “The Hunger for Emotional Intimacy”, Brene Brown, a research professor at the University of Houston, shines a light into the inner chambers of our hearts, and indicates that shame and fear often get in the way of finding a healthy intimate relationship, and how fostering fearless vulnerability is so important.  Her book new book “Daring Greatly” is now on the top of my “to buy” list.

In the meantime, why not shake off that Christmas fairy dust and cover yourself in Christmas power powder.  Let it fill your heart with resolve, rational thought and of course, the purest kind of love...the love that compels you to do something kind and thoughtful for another, without looking to receive something in return. 

Much love and light,




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September 10 2012 2 10 /09 /September /2012 21:32

 Filiberto before and after picture - September 13, 2012 Blo


As a coach, I’m blessed with great clients.  Many of them have lost a great deal of body fat and vastly improved their life.  One person in particular however, is truly notable because he is not only sincerely committed to improving his life, but he devotes 100% of himself to it.  This person’s mind is so fixed on his goal that he takes what I suggest without question, without making up excuses, and without offering any justifications.  

I would like to introduce you to Filiberto who has become a ‘’wellness leader by example’’ to those around him. Filiberto has agreed to let me share his story with you about his journey to wellness. 

When Filiberto first came to see me on May 24th of this year, he weighed 327.5 lbs.  On September 4th, in just a little more than 3 months, the scale revealed that he weighed 265.2 lbs.  However, more importantly, his body composition results revealed a loss of 10 litres of water, and 34 lbs. of pure body fat!  A truly remarkable feat!

Q. Filiberto, what made you decide to lose weight?

A. At the beginning I was just trying.  I thought it would be impossible, but then I started noticing that it was actually happening.  I started picturing myself as a ‘’regular person’’ and that thought really motivated me.

Q. What has been your biggest change or progress?

A. Up to now I have lost almost 30 kilos (62 lbs.) in about 3 months. I’ve never lost weight that fast, so I think losing is not just my biggest progress, but also my biggest motivator.


Q.  What did you find was the most difficult for you?

A.  Well, when I started I thought it would be difficult to find the groceries because I used to eat a different kind of food, but I was wrong.  I can find all I need very easily and it’s not that different.  You just need to change what you choose, and voilà!

Q. How do you feel now?

A. I haven’t reached my goal yet, but I feel really amazing because now I’m pretty sure I’ll do it! It has also been really rewarding when other people have started noticing how much I’m changing.  When I get compliments it’s like getting trophies (lol). Definitely, there is no going back.  Now I see this as a lifestyle, and I think this is the best thing I have EVER done for ME!

Q. What advice would you give to others?

A.  It may sound cheesy, but the truth is that it’s only a matter of time and will power.  If you are motivated and your will isn’t broken, then what are you waiting for? If you make a BIG effort, the results will be BIG as well. 

Along with a personalized ‘’low glycemic-low inflammation’’ Eating Plan, not a diet, designed to teach Filiberto how to eat in a healthy way right from the start (5 nutrient-dense meals per day), he has personally committed to exercise daily.  His exercise regimen is a combination of cardio, to which he added Modu Seye’s high intensity, functional training YouTube entitled ‘’Moduvated Resistance Band Workout’’.


This will have for sure helped Filiberto get ready for Moduvated bootcamp, a 3 times per week session he is excited to incorporate into his program; a goal he had all along.

Since I don’t rely on a scale, you might be wondering how I track Filiberto’s progress.   First of all, the scale doesn’t even begin to tell the whole story of my clients’ journey towards wellness. Therefore, I use a special body composition testing machine when my clients first come to see me and then I use it to follow their progress.  This is an essential part of my program, as I want to make sure that it’s fat mass, and not muscle mass that my clients lose, which often happens with restrictive diets.  Since Filiberto undertakes a high level of activities, it’s now time to increase his caloric intake to make sure he slows down the loss on the scale and continues to burn fat and convert to muscle. 

Filiberto may not have realized that he is a ‘’Massive action—Massive results’’ type of guy, but he sure is, and it's just the beginning!  Keep it up, Filiberto, you rock!! 

Yours in vibrant health,  




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May 28 2012 2 28 /05 /May /2012 23:15



The powerful health benefits of vitamin C are well known and have been for many years now. Today we use the vitamin C in lemons and other citrus fruits to help fight off infection and boost immune system health. In Ancient Egypt, people believed that eating lemons was an effective way to protect against various poisons and lemon is one of the main ingredients in many traditional Indian medicines. While the health benefits of lemons has been known for many thousands of years, there are many benefits these citrus fruits offer us that are lesser known. These three health secrets give you all the more reason to fresh squeeze that lemonade the summer or spritz a little lemon into your daily water.

Treat Acne

The citric acid and vitamin C found in lemons and other citrus fruits are an important element for keeping a healthy and glowing complexion. Furthermore, it has been shown that the alkaline nature of various citruses help kill many types of bacteria that are known to cause acne. Just drinking lemon in your water can help fight the causes of acne and give you a healthier more youthful glow. For more serious cases of acne, individuals can use the skin benefits of lemon directly on their skin. Place some freshly squeezed lemon juice directly on your acne spots before you go to sleep and let it rest throughout the entire night. Wash your face gently in the morning with water. The citrus may cause some slight burning or discomfort to your skin, but that should fade fairly quickly. Of course, these natural remedies are safe, but if your acne is severe or already being treated by a doctor, you should consult them first. 

Rid Pain

While lemon can taste extremely acidic and bitter, it actually acts as a natural fighter against excess acid in the body. The powerful alkaline effect that lemon juice has acts as a natural agent against acids in the body that are partially responsible for inflammation and rheumatism. By drinking freshly squeezed lemon juice in a glass of water a few times a day, you can help relieve some of the pain caused by inflamed joints or muscles. The more severe your pain, the more lemons you can squeeze into your water. Moreover, lemon oil is also believed to have pain-relieving qualities. Many individuals will massage lemon oil into their sore joints or muscles to help minimize the pain they are experiencing.  

Help Stomachaches

Addling lemon juice to your daily glasses of water can be a wonderful way to stop general stomachaches. Drink a full glass of room temperature water with an entire lemon freshly squeezed into it. The acid from the lemon juice will help stimulate the production of healthy stomach acid and encourages active stomach muscles to engage for proper digestion. This is a very simple and easy way to settle an upset stomach after a meal. Of course, if the stomach pains you are experiencing are more severe than a common upset tummy and are persistent, you should not rely on lemon juice to resolve the issue.


This guest post is contributed by Lauren Bailey, who regularly writes for accredited online colleges. She welcomes your comments at her email Id: blauren99 @gmail.com. 

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March 8 2012 5 08 /03 /March /2012 18:56

A while back, I was watching a chef, on a cooking show, demonstrate how the wilted Romaine he had in his fridge could be brought back to its crisp and vibrant form.  He plumped the lettuce right up just by immersing it in a big bowl of cold water with ice cubes.

I decided to do a little research.  Wilting in vegetables is due to the loss of “turgor pressure”.   As the cell walls lose moisture, they begin to collapse inward causing the leaves and other tender portions to wilt and collapse. Turgidity can be returned fairly easily. Most wilted vegetables whether they are lettuce, greens, herbs, or sturdier vegetables like celery and carrots can often be revived with very little trouble in very cold water.

For me, it has become “the secret” for the crisp and fresh salads my guests’ rave about;  I always soak my greens in ice cold water, even when not wilted, before I make salads. Here are some tips I found, coupled with my own experience:Ice water to revive veggies

*Trim anything that is dead and doesn’t need reviving.

*Soak the greens/herbs/vegetables in very cold water for 15 to 30 minutes.   I always add ice.

*Remove from the water and spin or pat dry.  I let it drain naturally over the sink for about 20 minutes.

*Use or store in a plastic bag, with paper towel to absorb excess moisture. I store in a plastic bag without the towel, and the greens remain plump, crisp and fresh for up to a week.

Last Saturday, I went to the market and amongst other things, picked up my usual bunch of fresh basil and decided to do an experiment.  I have never succeeded in keeping basil very long without it wilting and turning brown rapidly, no matter what I did.  I soaked the basil, drained it and stored it in a plastic bag.  Busy, I actually forgot about it until yesterday; when I took it out to make a Caprice salad.  To my surprise, the basil was still as plump and vibrant as if it had been freshly picked.  Boy was I ever excited!

So next time you are tempted to throw out limp tired greens or vegetables from your fridge, revive them to life with a little ice water!

 Yours in vibrant health,


Blog written for www.moduvated.com and reposted for you!





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March 5 2012 2 05 /03 /March /2012 21:19

 Not too long ago, a couple of my savvy clients shared their morning “mouth washing” ritual with me. They would take in a spoon full of organic unrefined coconut oil and would swish it around in their mouth for about 10 minutes, then spit it out. They explained that it was the best thing to do first thing in the morning, as it pulled out all bacteria from your mouth.coconut-660x320


Intrigued, and a raw coconut oil lover, I decided to research this a little further


This mouth rinsing method is referred to as oil pulling. Although oil pulling has its origins in Ayurvedic medicine, which dates back thousands of years, this modern version is apparently relatively new, at least in North America. The first thing that most people notice when they start oil pulling is an improvement in their oral health. Teeth become whiter, breath becomes fresher, and the tongue and gums take on a healthy pink color. Even problems such as bleeding gums, tooth decay, and gum disease apparently greatly diminish or completely heal.


Oil pulling as we know it today, was introduced in 1992 by Dr. F. Karach, MD., who claimed that oil pulling could cure a variety of illnesses ranging from heart disease and digestive troubles to hormonal disorders. Sources say it cured him of a chronic blood disorder he had for 15 years, and healed his arthritis. He used the method in his medical practice with great success.


Oil pulling is very simple. Basically all you do is rinse your mouth with coconut oil, much like you would with a mouthwash, except you need to swish it around for about 10 minutes. It works by detoxifying or cleansing the body. In this way, disease promoting toxins are removed, thus allowing the body to heal itself. As a consequence, conditions of all types improve. When done correctly, it has a very powerful cleansing and healing affect not only on the mouth and sinuses, but on the whole body.


I religiously use coconut oil on my skin every day, which nourishes the body down to the bone. One spoon full is now going in my mouth!


In vibrant health,




Blog I recently wrote for www.moduvated.com.  Was so popular, I decided to re-post here, for your enjoyment. .

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    February 23 2012 5 23 /02 /February /2012 18:28


    Over the years, my fascination with nutrient dense foods has motivated me to find healthier substitutes for the various condiments we use.  Avocado is by far the best choice as a substitute for butter or mayo.

    Also known as alligator pear, the avocado is derived from the Aztec word “ahuacatl”.  It comes in a multitude of varieties, and is the fruit of the Persea Americana, a tall evergreen tree that can grow up to 65 feet in height.

    Avocado is not only a great source of healthy fats, recent research has shown that it contains two key carotenoid antioxidants-- lycopene and beta-carotene.We tend to think about carotenoids as mostly concentrated in bright orange or red vegetables like carrots or tomatoes. While these vegetables are indeed excellent sources of carotenoids, avocado—despite its dark green skin and largely greenish inner pulp—is now known to contain a tremendous array of carotenoids. Researchers believe that the avocado's carotenoid diversity is a key factor in its anti-inflammatory properties.

    Interestingly enough, fresh avocado when combined with romaine lettuce, spinach, and carrots for example, greatly increases the absorption of carotenoids from the other vegetables. The results of this research make perfect sense because carotenoids are fat-soluble and with the addition of avocado, they are provided with the fat they need for absorption.

    So think about it… when you use avocado on your sandwich, instead of butter or mayo, you’re super charging everything else it touches.

    So go ahead…spread it on!

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    February 16 2012 5 16 /02 /February /2012 22:54

     papaya-lg-for-blog-of-Feb-16--2012.jpgI have always loved the idea of feeding my skin from the inside out, to keep it young and healthy.  But what gets me real excited is when I can double the nutritional effect, by applying a healthy dose from the “outside in”.  So I often give a “snack” to my face with some of the healthy fruits I eat, with papaya on the top of my list!

    Called “fruta bomba” (bomb fruit)by the Cubans, papaya is indeed loaded with enzymes, is rich in antioxidants like vitamins A, C and minerals, which makes it not only a super fruit to snack on, but also a “super serum” for the skin.

    I love the multi-purpose of the Papaya.   The skin of the ripe papaya is an inexpensive face wash.  I use some of the meat as a powerful face mask which stimulates collagen, diminishes fine lines, plumps the skin and gives it an instant glow!!  It’s also an effective remedy and “lotion” for dry skin, pimples and acne.

    The papaya also helps to maintain healthy levels of blood glucose, thus ensuring a steady supply of glucose and high levels of energy all day.

    So go ahead,  snack your face!

    Your's in vibrant health,


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